Search Engine Optimization


Social Media Account Setup and Optimization

As our experts will set up and optimize your accounts across all platforms,
we’ll make sure your brand message and visual appearance is consistent across all your accounts.

Social Engagement

Social media is all about engagement – a true two-way conversation. It all comes down to paying close attention to your audience's needs and expectations when using social media. Your brand exposure, reputation, and customer service are all extended through social media. Customers need to know that you listen to them, understand their needs, and want to be a part of a meaningful conversation.

Content Creation

As a leading content marketing company, our mantra for successful social media campaigns and posts is to produce original content. We specialize in creating highly engaging and relevant content in the form of videos, photos, and various contests, designed to resonate with your target audience and encourage likes and shares.

User Engagement

The basic ingredient of a successful business is user and audience engagement. We make sure your business always broadens your horizon, reaches and gets more customer engagement to build perfect brand equity in the market.

Paid Social Ads

Social Media platforms often change their algorithms regularly to keep us up to date. We are aware that expanding and maintaining organic social reach presents ongoing difficulties. So we also qualify to run the right combination of social PPC on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram to ensure we reach your customers where they are.

Lead Generation

To ensure the ads are highly useful for your business, we create the best out-of-the-box lead generation strategies that focus on the product/service. The best marketing automation methodologies are used to generate quality leads.

Social Media Influencer Partnerships

We can help you build strong, strong relationships with brand advocates and then manage those social media influencer partnerships to reach your target audience. At DiGi Marshall, we help you access the best associations of social media influencers to create demand for your products and services and build brand awareness.

Social Media Monitoring & Reporting

As India's leading social media marketing service, we closely monitor all your brand discussions and mentions, including macro trends, critical views and social media responses. Using the latest and most effective techniques in the industry, we strive to keep your brand at the forefront of the online world. Our expertise in data collection and analysis plays a crucial role in shaping campaign planning and maximizing ROI.

Search Engine Optimization  Services

When you hire us to do keyword research and optimise your website,
we dig deep to find the terms that will bring in the most money for your company.

Website audit

We examine the market to learn about the rivals' tactics and how we may enhance them.

Keyword research & analysis

When people type about your business, you want your website to pop up. We'll help you locate the right keywords to rank for by providing a detailed plan for conducting keyword research when you work with us.

Competitor analysis

We examine the market to learn about the rivals' tactics and how we may enhance them.

On-page optimization

We enhance the search engine friendliness of your website by adjusting the text, meta tags, headers, and other on-page features.

Off-page optimization

We assist you in getting high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites, which can boost your site's authority and position in search engine results.

Technical SEO

We improve your website's technical characteristics, including speed, mobile responsiveness, and security, to ensure they conform to current search engine criteria.

Local SEO

We use localised keywords and an optimised Google My Business page to raise your company's visibility in local search results.

E-commerce SEO

We enhance the discoverability of your products on your e-commerce platform, attract more visitors, and boost sales.

Analysis and report

We regularly monitor the site's analytics and make informed judgements to boost its search engine optimisation.

Here at DiGi Marshall, we use empirical evidence to inform our SEO strategies. To enhance our campaigns’ outcomes, we employ cutting-edge analytics and reporting technologies to monitor their performance and spot areas for development.

Get ready to increase your company’s visibility online by climbing the search engine ranks. To speak with our team of specialists, contact DiGi Marshall, the best search engine optimisation company in Noida.